Posted by: Justin Hopper | October 23, 2008

Dean and Britta

Special Dean & Britta/13 Most Beautiful ticket offer to Blog readers!

Dean and Britta

Dean and Britta





As many most of you know, Dean and Britta (formerly of indie-dream-pop superstars Luna) will be in town this week to debut their new song cycle, accompanying Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests, entitled 13 Most Beautiful…

As many most of you don’t know, a special offer went out this week via text message: For a limited time, tickets to this world-premiere event can be purchased for only $10. Yeah, that’s ten American dollars

All you need to do is head down to the Box Office at Theater Square, call 412-456-6666, or visit this website and say/type the promo code FLICK when ordering. 

13 Most Beautiful… is going to be one of the most important and talked-about events to combine visual fine art and pop music to debut in 2008, ANYWHERE, and it’s happening in The ‘Burgh. Since indie rockers and college types aren’t known for their cash flow, and we wanna make sure you interweb-generation-blog-readin’-iPhone-dialin’ types don’t wind up missin’ out, here ya go. 

Not sure about these Dean and Britta types? Check out their beautifully lush Velvet-Underground-meets-Serge-Gainsbourg-and-Brigitte-Bardot sound on songs like “Nightnurse” and “You Turn My Head Around.” Obviously, this is what I believe the kids call, The Good Stuff.


Special Offer

Special Offer


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