Full Disclosure

Writers Justin Hopper and Anya Martin are paid by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust for their work as primary contributors to the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts Blog site. 

However, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust exerts no editorial restraint on the previews, reviews, and other writings Hopper and Martin contribute concerning the PIFOF performances and events. The writers’ opinions are their own, and are presented without changes to content or editorial input by anyone within the Festival or the Cultural Trust.

So rest assured: While we ain’t starvin’ over here in PIFOF-Blog-land, we’re also free to speak our minds, whether we’ve never wanted a show to end, or sat wishing for death’s sweet release. Hopper and Martin: Names you can trust.



  1. I want to go over to the armory.
    I realize it’s sold out.
    Any backstage passes available?

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